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Clear vinyl labels are semi-glossy, transparent (see through) labels where you can see through them when applied to surfaces. They are resistant to many different climates and water proof. They are used for a variety of purposes. *Tip: White color is extra process unlike other stock. Also, the color doesn’t stand out on clear stock due to the transparent nature. So to improve this, we recommend the white color process to be done underneath the actual colors. This is to avoid the severe transparency of the colors when printed.


  • PE25
  • PE38
  • 50 gsm

Usage: to see-through inside, health, cosmetic, chemical labelling.

  • Cosmetic labels, chemical labels, waterproof labels
  • Window stickers
  • UV resistant labels (screen/roll type)

Turnaround: 4~5 working days (1~3 working days are required for post processing such as die-cut, foil printing…etc.)

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 500 ~ 1000 per design depending on the size.


  • Press-cut (rectangle or square)
  • Die-cut / Kiss-cut (Front peel-off)
    • Our cutting technology makes the most intricate cut patterns to create stickers in any shape with amazing precision. Front peel-off
      • A-level: circle, oval, rounded corners
      • B-level: simple shape
      • C-level: complicate shape
      • D-level: free–shape (profile cut-laser cutting)


If you have difficulties searching for the required product or need more info, our friendly staff will be more than willing to help.

Clear Label Stickers

Individual type (single cut): Labels with released (back) paper split or front peel-off (die-cut only)

Roll type: Labels on a roll to use with automatic dispenser (core size: 25 mm, 40 mm, 75 mm)

Sheet type: Labels on a sheet

Clear stickers and labels are the best way to make your business stand out with what looks like contour-cut artwork. While normal stickers look okay, sometimes you may be left with a white background because your artwork does not fill the entire sticker. Additionally, you may also need your stickers to be waterproof.
Adhesive clear stickers are hardwearing, waterproof vinyl stickers that are transparent by default. They are excellent for printing complex shaped logos onto simple shapes, including square, oval, circle or rectangle, so that the non-printed areas will be transparent.

Clear stickers are idea for many applications including:

  • Cosmetic labels, chemical labels, waterproof labels
  • Window stickers
  • UV resistant labels (screen/roll type)

These stickers are preferred for instances when you need to see-through to the inside, including health, cosmetic, and chemical labelling. To help you decide if clear stickers are right for your business, here are some of the top benefits of using clear stickers.

Water Resistance Protects Labelling Details

Clear stickers are preferred for liquid products because they are water-resistant. This ensures that the sticker will not come off of the product’s package as the customer uses up the contents inside. It also helps to protect your packaging under cold or warm ambient conditions where condensation might otherwise destroy paper labels.

Clear Stickers Allow Customers to Examine Your Product

Clear stickers provide transparency which allows customers to examine your product before they make the decision to buy when you apply the stickers to clear bottles. For health and cosmetic products, customers want to know as much as possible about a product before they choose to buy it and your clear labels could potentially make all of the difference. Transparent labels also help to promote the idea that your product is sterile or meets health standards when you use clear labeling as a part of your branding.

Window Stickers to Advertise Your Business

Clear stickers can also be used as window stickers to advertise your business. You can easily apply and remove them without causing damage to your windows, which makes them the perfect option for advertising a temporary promotion that your business is running. To use your creativity, consider having custom clear stickers printed in bulk by a window sticker supplier. Then give them away to your customers for them to put on their car windows. This will allow you to market your business almost anywhere without having to make a huge investment.

Custom Clear Labels and Stickers From BestLabel

Order cheap clear stickers from BestLabel and we’ll have your order printed and ready to ship in just 4-5 working days. As one of Australia’s leading clear sticker suppliers, we offer a full range of size and shapes of clear stickers to choose from including press-cut and die-cut/kiss-cut. If you have trouble finding the product that you require, our friendly staff is ready to assist you in creating a customized quote for your business.

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