Gloss Paper Stickers

Most economical, practical labels and Fast Turnaround time for a wide range of applications. A permanent adhesive that adheres well to glass, metal and most plastics.

We offer a wide selection of stickers to suit any budget and project. When coated, its thin layer of vinyl covering will make it difficult to tear and it is water resistant.

Usage: Long lasting in Indoor (Retail off-the-shelf products (bottles/boxes),

  • industrial, food, marketing collateral
  • packaging labels, food product labels, wine labels, beer labels
  • gift shop, flower shop
  • address labels, barcode labels
  • cosmetic labels, skincare labels, perfume labels
  • pharmaceutical labels, medical supply labels
  • honey labels

Turnaround: 1~3 working days (additional 1~2 working days are required for post-processing such as die-cut, foil printing…etc.)

Minimum order quantity (MOQ):

Individual type: 500 – 1000 per design

Roll type: MOQ depends on the label size and the number of colours.


  • Press-cut (rectangle or square)
  • Kiss-cut (Front peel-off)
    • A-level: circle, oval, rounded corners
    • B-level: simple shape
    • C-level: complex shapes
    • D-level: free-shape (profile cut-laser cutting)

Adhesive option:

  • Normal adhesive
  • Strong adhesive
  • Super strong adhesive
  • Removable adhesive: label can be removed without damaging the label itself and does not leave any residues on the surface.


If you have difficulties searching for the required product or need more info, our friendly staff will be more than willing to help out.

Paper Sticker Printing

Individual Type (single cut): Labels with released (back) paper split or front peel-off (die-cut only)

Roll Type: Labels on a roll to use with automatic dispenser (core size: 25 mm, 40 mm, 75 mm)

Sheet Type: Labels on a sheet

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