PVC Cards Defined

A PVC card is a plastic card composed of a graphic-quality version of a known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is known for its durability, flexibility and versatility. PVC cards are generally considered the best solution for producing ID cards.

Are there different types of PVC cards?

PVC cards can come in many different forms so that you can have the exact custom ID card solution that you need. This includes the size and the embedded features that your cards possess. Also, for those organizations that wish to be as green as possible, you can obtain PVC cards made of recycled materials.

How can PVC cards be secured?

A PVC ID card can be secured by the ID card security technology that you want it to have. This includes solutions like magnetic stripes and newer, more high-tech security features like smart chips.

Turnaround: 5~8 working days (1~2 working days are required for post processing such as die-cut, foil printing, numbering, embossing, rounded corners, hole punch, perforation, scoring)

Standard size:

86 mm x 54 mm

Plastic Card Printing

Clear Cards: Card printed on transparent PET fabric. The business card itself is characterized by transparent glass.

Glossy Gold Cards: It is printed on glossy gold PET fabric, there is a distinctive charm of gold.

Glossy Silver Cards: Glossy silver PET fabric, there is a unique characteristic of silver.

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