Clear Stickers

Clear vinyl labels are semi-glossy, transparent (see through) labels where you can see through them when applied to surfaces. They are resistant to many different climates and water proof. They are used for a variety of purposes. *Tip: White color is extra process unlike other stock. Also, the color doesn’t stand out on clear stock due to the transparent nature. So to improve this, we recommend the white color process to be done underneath the actual colors. This is to avoid the severe transparency of the colors when printed.


  • PE25
  • PE38
  • 50 gsm

Usage: to see-through inside, health, cosmetic, chemical labelling.

  • Cosmetic labels, chemical labels, waterproof labels
  • Window stickers
  • UV resistant labels (screen/roll type)

Turnaround: 4~5 working days (1~3 working days are required for post processing such as die-cut, foil printing…etc.)

Minimum order quantity:  500 ~ 1000 per design depending on the size.


  • Press-cut (rectangle or square)
  • Die-cut / Kiss-cut (Front peel-off)
    • Our cutting technology makes the most intricate cut patterns to create stickers in any shape with amazing precision. Front peel-off
      • A-level: circle, oval, rounded corners
      • B-level: simple shape
      • C-level: complicate shape
      • D-level: free–shape (profile cut-laser cutting)


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