Paper Sticker


Most economical, practical labels and fast turnaround time for a wide range of applications. A permanent adhesive that adheres well to glass, metal and most plastics.

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The matte sticker is economical stock like gloss art paper stock. It has a matte texture that does not shrink when it attaches to a product. It is also used as a sticker

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The kraft (craft) sticker is paper or paperboard (cardboard) produced from chemical pulp produced in the kraft process, and it is a porous kraft paper with high elasticity

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A great way to add a finishing touch to labels, etc. For the high-quality expression in the product, the logo expresses the original sense of quality in the form of engraved

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Paper Sticker Printing

Individual Type (single cut): Labels with released (back) paper split or front peel-off (die-cut only)

Roll Type: Labels on a roll to use with automatic dispenser (core size: 25 mm, 40 mm, 75 mm)

Sheet Type: Labels on a sheet

Custom paper labels and stickers give you the freedom to choose any quantity that you need for a product that is completely personalized. With our cost-effective printing options, you can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes.
At BestLabel, we offer a wide selection of adhesive paper stickers to suit any budget and project. Here are the benefits of paper stickers for your business.

Highlight Features

Product tubs and containers will benefit greatly from custom labeling. Use paper stickers to make sure that your product stands out from others on display. Paper stickers can also be used to highlight specific features of your product. Whether you’ve recently changed the formula or added new ingredients, use paper stickers to highlight these new features and entice new customers to try your product.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our paper stickers are ideal as a temporary cost-effective solution for a variety of applications including:

  • Industrial, food, marketing collateral
  • Packaging labels, food product labels, wine labels, beer labels
  • Gift shop, flower shop
  • Address labels, barcode labels
  • Cosmetic labels, skincare labels, perfume labels
  • Pharmaceutical labels, medical supply labels
  • Honey labels
  • Wine labels

For these applications, you can order stickers online and have your stickers printed in full color onto a paper material with an easy to peel backing. Our paper stickers are available in gloss, matt, kraft, and metallic foil options. You can also choose the shape and adhesive options for your order.
We offer a fast turnaround time of as little 1-5 working days on most orders.

Demonstrate Quality

Paper stickers are often used to demonstrate the quality of food and cosmetic products. Use printed product labels to show that your product has won an award or exceeds industry quality standards.

Decorative Box Labels

Paper stickers are a simple option for brightening up your parcels and boxes so that they don’t look as plain. Instead of paying for expensive custom printed boxes right away, order cheap stickers online to promote a temporary offer available from your company or use up existing boxes that you already ordered before you upgrade to a new box design. Our strong adhesive labels are also ideal for use as address labels on your boxes.

Labeling for Homemade Products

If your business produces homemade or locally made products, such as honey, you need honey stickers to complete your jar packaging. Honey labels are easy to apply and can be custom designed with your logo to match your brand.
We also get many orders for kraft labels and kraft stickers for use as candle stickers on homemade candles. Use candle labels to indicate the scent of your candles and instructions for use.

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