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White – White PET card printing on business card. It is good to use color on a white background and has a neat taste. This is the most popular item among business cards.

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These high-end cards are printed on quality stock, making them very durable. Our 15PT(300µ) plastic cards are unique and will make you and your business stand out.

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A PVC card is a plastic card composed of a graphic-quality version of a known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is known for its durability, flexibility and versatility.

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Plastic Card Printing

Clear Cards: Card printed on transparent PET fabric. The business card itself is characterized by transparent glass.

Glossy Gold Cards: It is printed on glossy gold PET fabric, there is a distinctive charm of gold.

Glossy Silver Cards: Glossy silver PET fabric, there is a unique characteristic of silver.

Issue custom gift cards for your business to increase customer loyalty year round. With plastic cards from BestLabel, you can receive high-quality PVC cards in as little as 5-8 working days. Our PET cards are available in white, glossy gold, and glossy silver. We also offer clear cards which are printed on transparent PET fabric.
As one of the top gift card suppliers in Australia, BestLabel can help you grow your business. Here are the benefits of plastic cards for your business.

Plastic Cards Improve Loyalty

Gift cards are not only good for promoting specific offers, they can also help you to increase repeat business. When your gift cards are in your customer’s wallets, they’ll have a regular visual reminder to shop at your store.

More Effective Than Paper Gift Certificates

Oftentimes when a paper gift certificate is given out, it might end up in a drawer or folded up in a customer’s wallet never to be seen again. More often than not, the paper gift certificate is lost or expires rather than being used at your business.
With plastic gift cards, you’ll never have to worry about paper certificates becoming so damaged that they’re essentially unusable. In addition, since plastic loyalty cards can be reloaded or updated with new discounts, that means that its monetary value is never lost even after a purchase which means that they continue to be useful to your business.

Brand Identity

When it comes to getting people to shop at your store, it all comes down to brand identity. Plastic cards can be customized to match your business with your logo and company colors. So if you want more business, you need to take every opportunity to reinforce your brand, including through the use of plastic loyalty cards.

Additional Promotional Opportunities

With plastic gift cards, you are not only limited to offering discounts. In fact, you can also use them to offer your customers cash back rewards, loyalty points tracking, and pre-paid credits. Plus having your customers use gift cards in order to shop with your store means that you can provide additional upsell opportunities with each purchase since you know their purchase histories.

Greater Perceived Value

When compared to coupons, gift cards make customers feel like they have more money to spend immediately. In addition, when customers use gift cards to shop, they are more likely to visit your business more than once to deplete their cards if they are unable to spend their entire balances in one shopping trip.

How to Order From BestLabel

BestLabel makes ordering your plastic cards easy. Simply request a quote and then place your order. We’ll take care of applying your artwork to the card’s design and then send it to you for approval. Once the payment is made, we’ll print your gift cards and send them out to be delivered to your business.

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